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In 2014, J.R Custom Builders was founded with the vision of a friendly family-run business that would focus on building trust and present every client with quality workmanship. From inception, J.R Custom Builders has been devoted to the finest-quality materials and techniques. We have taken on a wide range of projects including: commercial construction, new construction, renovations and high end luxury additions. Our team has handled

everything from home additions to custom restaurant and lobby remodeling. Our reputation for superior service has been well earned throughout the tri-state area. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner or an architect, you should expect nothing but first class service working with our firm. We are dependable professionals who understand exactly how to run large construction projects smoothly and stay focused throughout the entire project to produce outstanding results every time.

Why us?

In today’s industry, we believe it is necessary to define common objectives and goals. With this, we are able to proactively respond to the concerns and needs of our clients. Our working philosophy provides you the most efficient and productive construction team available to build your project.


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